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General Information

What is LawBite?

LawBite is an online legal Platform taking SMEs every step of the way from ‘idea’ to ‘ideal’ as they start, grow and succeed.


We do this through a unique, fully-regulated, virtual law firm called LawBriefs Limited which provides expert lawyers, matched to your need at half the price or less of a traditional high street lawyer. Lawbriefs is wrapped around a powerful technology platform which delivers access to the lawyers, easy-to-use software tools and all the legal documents you need to take you from the start of your SME adventure through to exit or your definition of ‘success’.

Who are we?

We are a team of Paralegals, and Technical Support professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit, dedicated to democratising the law for SME’s by providing easy and affordable access to legal expertise. We do this through providing access on our Platform to expert lawyers from LawBriefs Limited . We call them ‘LawBriefs’.

What can LawBite help with?

The LawBriefs deal with all aspects of SME law, including:

  • Employment and Consultancy
  • Company formation and structure
  • Shares and investment
  • Terms and Conditions (online and offline)
  • Online trading
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Intellectual Property
  • Copyright and Licensing
  • Trademark and Patent registration
  • Confidentiality Agreements (NDA)
  • Software and IT contracts
  • Commercial property

We also provide help with disputes, whether you want to bring or defend a claim, or whether you want to resolve it through mediation or arbitration.

What do I do if I've got a question or complaint?

You can use the form on the Contact us page of the site or email to contact our customer services team. A senior member of the team will respond to you personally within 24hrs. We receive very few complaints but we take them all extremely seriously. It is our mission to ensure that no customer ever goes away from our service feeling dissatisfied.

Pricing and subscriptions

How much do LawBite services cost?

We have a range of pricing for different products, all of which are provided on a fixed price basis, so there are no nasty surprises with the billing. These include:

  • Ad hoc legal advice and drafting: £145/hour +VAT [discounted rates available for subscribers]
  • Contract Reviews: Fixed fee reviews starting at £149+VAT
  • Access Subscription Product [Access to all our document templates and editing tools]: £19.50/month +VAT
  • Growth Subscription Product [As per Access plus 9 hours of legal advice from LawBriefs included per year]: £99/month +VAT
  • Protect Subscription Product [As per Access but with 42 hours of legal advice from LawBriefs included per year]: £395/month +VAT
    (Full list of Subscription benefits available here)
  • Bundles – One off, individually priced bundles of documents and advice available from £79 +VAT
  • Legal Health Check – Free automated tool available to all users. On site LawBriefs health checks available for £995 +VAT (full day visit)
  • Mediation and Arbitration – Packages start at £695+VAT for a half-day mediation with discounted rates available for subscribers to our Pricing plans.

For more information please visit our Pricing page.

How can LawBite’s services be so much cheaper than Traditional Law Firms?

LawBriefs doesn’t carry any of the traditional baggage of a law firm. No partnership structure that you have to pay for (whether they do your work or not). No big building with marble hallways and mahogany desks. No big overhead. We pass all of those savings on to our customers. LawBite also uses best of breed technology tools, easy to use documents and plain English communication to speed up the process of delivering your legal solutions and saving you time.

How can I sign up for a subscription service?

Simply visit our Pricing page and select a subscription package to view more details about that service. Once you have decided which service best suits your business, you can then proceed by completing our subscription form. This contains all the necessary information to set you up with subscription account and once completed will take you through to the basket page to review your order.


Some subscription services give the option of monthly or annual billing which you can then select to take you through to the Process Payment page. Here you can then read and accept our subscription Terms and Conditions before entering your credit card details to process your payment and complete the sign up process.


A copy of these Ts&Cs (along with your subscription payment invoices) will then be stored in your My Account area for easy access.


At any time, you can contact us or call us on 020 7148 1066 to speak to a member of the team about our subscription services in more detail.


If it’s cheaper, is using LawBite and the LawBriefs as safe as working with traditional Law firms?

Absolutely. All the LawBriefs are fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. They provide legal advice working through Lawbriefs Ltd. Lawbriefs Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA number 622808) whose regulations can be found at

All the LawBriefs are insured by the industry’s leading insurer in accordance with SRA requirements and have an average of 10 years post-qualification experience. They all have specialist expertise in their sectors and a depth of experience in dealing with SMEs.

The only short-cut we therefore ask you to take is in relation to the price! You can view all of the individual LawBrief profiles by heading over to our Meet the Team page.

I’ve seen similar sites offering ‘free quotes’ from a panel of law firms - are your lawyers just members of an outside panel or do they work for you?

The LawBriefs are fully integrated into our Platform. All LawBriefs are selected very carefully. We fully induct them in the way that the Platform works and our ethos. They are all empathetic to SME’s, communicate in plain English, work fast and only work with our pricing structure. We insure them all and ensure they are properly regulated. We want you to feel like you do when you are dealing with a brand that you trust. The experience of working with the LawBriefs will be a consistent one stamped with our own unique house-style AND they communicate with each other through our intranet so you won’t have to explain what your company does every time you come back with a new enquiry.


How do I make a legal enquiry?

Head on over to our Business Legal Advice page and you’ll find our legal enquiry form. Simply enter details of your question or request, attaching any relevant documentation at the same time. You can also call us on 0207 148 1066.


If you are working on a LawBite template within the document editing page, then you can create a new legal enquiry by clicking on the “Legal help to edit document” button and completing the form. This will automatically link the document you are working on to the new enquiry.

How long will it take for access to a lawyer available through your Platform (a LawBrief) to reply to my enquiry?

We aim to respond to all legal enquiries within 2 working hours. You will initially be contacted by one of our administrators. They work Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6pm. These are trained paralegals who will speak with you, take some details, and make sure we have understood your issue completely. They will then match you with the right LawBrief, who will be expertly qualified to deal with your issue. You can then arrange a free initial call with your designated lawyer at a time to suit you, receive an acknowledgement from one of the LawBriefs to say that your enquiry is being reviewed, along with a quotation (where appropriate) and an estimate of the length of time (and associated cost) it will take to resolve your enquiry.

Can I really speak to a lawyer for free?

YES! Here at LawBite we believe in helping all small businesses and we offer all new users of the site a free 15 minute consultation with one of the LawBriefs accessed through our Platform. We will do everything we can to make sure the LawBrief contacts you within one working day. Our promise to you is that by the end of the initial call you will have a clear idea of the options available to you to take things forward.


On the rare occasion that we cannot locate a specialist to assist your specific needs we will always do our best to put you in touch with one of our partner law firms. We can’t promise that they’ll have the same rates as the LawBriefs available through our Platform but we’ll always try to locate the most cost effective option available.

How can I upload a document for a lawyer to look at or review?

You can either do this through one of our enquiry forms when you make your enquiry or, if your enquiry is already active you can use the attachments feature in the ‘Reply to Message’ pop-up box on the legal enquiry messaging page. Just attach the file as if you were attaching something to an email. If you have multiple files to attach, please add them to a zip file and then upload that one zip file to avoid having to send multiple messages. We accept the following file types: doc, docx, pdf, xlsx, pdf, jpg, tif, png and zip up to a maximum size of 20MB. If you want to send a document to your lawyer, please do not use the the ‘Upload a document for editing and e-signing’ feature as this will only add the document to your own personal document storage space (My Documents) and the lawyer will not be able to view this.

How do I receive a legal advice quote?

For any piece of work we do you will always receive an upfront written quote through the Platform from the lawyer you have spoken to. If you have chosen an existing fixed price product (e.g. contract checking) then the quote will reflect the fixed price for that product. If you need a service for which we need to create a bespoke quote for you then the quote will still be for a fixed price, but it will be given based on the number of hours the lawyer expects that piece of work to take.


If less time is spent than quoted, we will only charge for the actual time worked.


Work will not be carried out for you until you have accepted a quote in writing through the site. If you accept such a quote you will not be charged any further sums over and above what has been quoted, unless we re-quote you for extra work through the site and you accept this re-quote.


Any quote or re-quote will not normally include any extra expenses other than the hourly rates plus VAT set out above, but if we do incur any genuine third party expenses on your behalf which you need to pay for (such as fees for a barrister) these will be specified in your quote (or re-quote) or in a separate quote for ‘disbursements’.

How do I pay for legal advice quotes?

Once you have been quoted by your lawyer, you will receive a notification to check your messages within the enquiry messaging page. You can then click on the ‘Pay Fee’ button to add the item to your basket (it will display as “Quoted legal work”). You can then follow the instructions in the basket pay via debit or credit card (via the Stripe payment mechanism) according to the instructions found on the “Process Payment” page.

If for some reason this is not appropriate, we can also accept credit card payments over the phone or direct BACS transfers from your bank account. We will issue an invoice to you prior to arranging such an alternative payment method.

I’ve got legal advice credit displaying on my Dashboard and in my Basket – how do I use that to pay for quotes?

If you have purchased legal advice or contract review credits in the basket area, or if you have credit as a result of your subscription to one of our packages, you can use this credit to pay for quotes from lawyers. In order to do this, please follow the same steps as outlined in the ‘How do I pay for legal advice quotes section?’ to add the ‘Quoted legal advice’ item to your basket. If you have credit available to you, this will appear as a monetary value in your basket area.


In order to use this credit you can then click on the ‘Use Credit’ blue button in the basket followed by ‘Process Payment’. On the next screen, once you have read and accepted any relevant Ts&Cs, you can click on ‘Continue purchase’. The transaction should be processed without any further payment necessary and your legal enquiry will be updated to ‘Paid’ status. Your lawyer will be notified immediately that you have made your payment and will be in touch to discuss timescales for completion of your work (if this has not already been agreed).


If the credit amount isn’t enough to cover the whole quote, you can still use the credit for part payment, you will just have to pay for the balance using a credit card.


Note that the number of credit hours listed on your Dashboard will correspond to the hourly rate for your account type for standard legal work. If you require fast turnaround work, fixed fee services or specialist/barrister work then the appropriate amount will be deducted from your balance and this may not correspond directly to the number of hours quoted by your lawyer.

How do I have a contract checked/reviewed?

Whether you have edited a LawBite template, have been given a contract by someone else, or have obtained a contract yourself from another source, you can take advantage of our great fixed price contract checking service by following these steps:


1. Visit our Contract Checking Page


2. Complete the form, uploading your contract for review (Word format is preferable to allow the specialist lawyers accessible through our Platform (‘LawBriefs’) to make in line comments but we will also accept PDF documents)


3. Enter your aims and concerns for the contract review, giving as much information as possible. Our lawyer will call you or send you a message on the platform ahead of issuing a quote in order to clarify your requirements, but it helps us if we can get as clear a picture as possible ahead of this.


4. That’s it! We’ll be in touch within a couple of hours to confirm that your contract has been received and referred to the lawyers (specialist LawBriefs) who will be in touch shortly after that to send you a fixed fee quote according to the length of the document and the turnaround time you require.


5. If you are working on a LawBite template within the document editing page, you can skip the first two steps by clicking on the orange “Request Lawyer Review” button and following the on screen instructions to submit your document for review.


*Please note that our contract review service only includes comments and basic drafting revisions/suggestions. Any significant drafting work required will be quoted in addition to our fixed fee contract review prices. Your lawyer will advise on any potential additional charges once they have received and read through the contract and your comments.

How can I get a legal health check for my company?

We provide a number of different kinds of Legal Health Check to give you peace of mind about your business.


Firstly, we have a free automated Legal Health Check tool, which will be launching soon. By answering the questions here, you will receive an immediate report, highlighting any areas of immediate concern in your business. You can have that report analysed by one of the LawBriefs and receive personal feedback on it for free if you are a Growth or Protect subscriber, or for £130+vat if you are not.


In addition, we offer a full day audit of your business at a suitable location. This is followed by a full report with detailed analysis and recommendations for you to consider, to be delivered within 3 working days of the Health Check. This costs £995+vat or £495+vat if you are a Protect subscriber.

Can I get help with the negotiation of my contract terms?

Yes, we have negotiating experts on hand to help with all aspects of your contract negotiations (whether LawBite documents or otherwise). You should make your enquiry via the Negotiation page and include as much supporting information as possible in order to help our experts deal with your issue/s as quickly and effectively as possible.

What happens if one of my 'counter-parties' also seeks negotiation advice from you?

LawBite and LawBriefs will always treat every enquiry on an individual and confidential basis. However, we have a fully developed conflicts policy and to ensure there is no conflict of interests between parties, we are only able to represent one party in a contract negotiation (on a first come, first served basis).


Can you help with Dispute Resolution?

Our hope is that you use LawBite to help protect your business as much as possible, but we understand that disputes are an inevitable part of running any company. We offer help with a wide range of dispute resolution services, from making and defending a claim (e.g. letter writing) to Alternative Dispute Resolution and even full blown litigation. To learn more about how we can help with disputes, please visit our Dispute Resolution page.

My dispute is worth a relatively small amount – can the LawBriefs still help?

It is unlikely that your LawBrief will be able to review all documentation and information relating to a situation within the initial 15 minute consultation period. If you are looking for direction on the strength of your case, there will usually be a fee associated with this service (and any follow up steps, e.g. letter drafting). For disputes under a value of £1,000, you may therefore find it more worthwhile consulting the Citizens Advice website where there is some useful information on the Small Claims process.

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

Alternative Dispute Resolution – i.e. alternative methods of resolving conflicts which are different to standard court proceedings or ‘litigation’. Mediation and Arbitration are both kinds of ADR.


Mediation is much quicker than going to court and is successful 75% of the time, saving you time and money. It involves appointing a trained mediator as a neutral to help facilitate a settlement of a dispute between the parties. The whole process is confidential, normally take no longer than one day, and you always have the choice as to whether or not you settle. Arbitration is a non-court procedure where an industry expert, agreed by the parties, judges their issue for them. The arbitrator can set up a process which is more streamlined than that available through the courts. The parties are bound by the arbitrator’s judgement but they have the comfort of knowing that the outcome will be decided by an expert who understands their business.

Can LawBite help with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

Yes! LawBite provides access to a panel of experienced Mediators and Arbitrators. You can see the panel here and you can make an enquiry with a view to carrying out a mediation or arbitration here. The price for a full day mediation is £1,650+VAT and £675+VAT for a half-day mediation. Reduced rates are available for subscribers to Pricing Plans and Protect subscribers are entitled to a free half day mediation.


Why are LawBite documents easier to understand than normal legal documents?

Every effort has been made to ensure that LawBite documents are written in plain English and are as short as they can be. This makes our documents easy to understand and user friendly both for you and the people you deal with whilst still covering the things that are most important to your business.

How do I download a LawBite document template?

All LawBite document templates are listed on our Legal Documents page. To search for a specific document, you can start typing a word in the search bar and hopefully the document you are looking for will appear as one of the options. Alternatively you can use the ‘Category’ dropdown menu and search by legal category to narrow down your search.



If you can’t find the document you are looking for you can either create a legal enquiry or contact us stating your requirements. If we do not currently have the specific template you are after on the site, then it is likely that one of our lawyers (LawBriefs) will still be able to help you by providing a fixed fee quote to produce a ‘bespoke’ document for you. This tailored service is also available at any time for any document template we do have, and could end up saving you and your business valuable time.



Once you have located the template you need, you can download this from the document product page by either signing up for one of our subscription packages, or by activating a free 1-week trial of our Access subscription. Note that if you sign up to the free trial, you will be restricted to 3 document downloads within that week. Once you have had a free trial, you will not be able to sign up for another one so you would have to sign up to one of the subscription packages to download any further document templates.



Once you have downloaded a document it will appear in your Dashboard and in your My Documents area (as a blue icon) from where you can then select to view and edit the document, taking you through to the document editing page. You can download all our documents as many times as you like so long as you have a valid subscription.



Once a subscription has expired, the documents you have previously downloaded will remain in your account and you will still have access to view and download these documents. However, all editing, sharing, version comparison, commenting and e-signing tools will be disabled until such a time as you activate a new subscription.


What platform tools are available to me to work on my LawBite templates and Uploaded Documents?

Once you have downloaded a LawBite template (or have created an instance of an uploaded Word document) you are likely to want to make some changes to the document to adapt it to your specific needs. LawBite has developed its own unique set of editing and collaboration tools to assist with this process. There are “information points” on most buttons within the editing page explaining the functionality in more detail, so you can learn as you go along. A summary of the functionality available within the document editing page can be found below:

  1. Choose to edit the document in two different modes (Simple and Full edit). In Simple Edit mode you just have to complete the highlighted fields and amend the schedule details if applicable. Full edit mode allows you to change the wording of the entire contract.
  2. Insert your company logo to the top of the document (if applicable)
  3. Save your document either as a draft or as a new version (saving as a draft enables you to save changes without showing them to other shared users of the document)
  4. Easily switch between different saved versions using the “Change version” dropdown
  5. Easily view differences between one version and another using the “Compare with” tool (and print this view if required)
  6. Share the document with colleagues, contract partners and Lawyers we provide access to through our Platform (LawBriefs)
  7. Assign editing rights to a colleague, contract partner or LawBrief (these can always be recalled or re-assigned)
  8. Comment on individual sections of the document (e.g. to make suggestions to another contract partner)
  9. Submit your edited document for review by one of the specialist LawBriefs or ask for any other legal advice around the document
  10. Download your document to Word or PDF or print it directly from the website at any stage
  11. Re-upload your downloaded Word document as a “Master Template” to create multiple instances of that document within the LawBite platform (e.g. for different clients/suppliers)
  12. Send the document for e-signing via Adobe Echosign (for more information see “How does e-signing work within LawBite?”)

For more details on how the LawBite editing functionality works, you can watch our series of 5 short instructional videos (each one is around 2 minutes in length):

How do I share contracts?

Once you have purchased a document you can add email addresses by clicking the plus (+) symbol on the ‘Users’ button under the ‘Edit mode and share’ section of the on the right hand side of the edit page. Depending on what ‘Editing Rules’ you then set, you can invite colleagues, friends, the other side in a negotiation, or your own legal advisor (which could be a LawBrief lawyer) into the document to edit or leave comments. When you invite someone into a shared document, you are able to choose whether or not you want them to be able to see any previous versions or changes to that document.

How does the contract editing process work?

There are two different edit modes for all LawBite contracts. The first is ‘Simple Edit’ where only certain key fields in the contract text and schedule can be edited (this is the default mode) and the second is ‘Full Edit’ mode, where you are free to change as much of the text as you want. We recommend trying to use ‘Simple Edit’ mode where possible as this is the easiest way to control and understand the changes that are made to your contract.

How do I see what changes have been made to my document by another party?

At any time, you are able to compare the contract version currently in view with the previous version. Simply select the version you want to view from the ‘Change Version’ dropdown menu at the top of the document edit page and click on the ‘Compare With’ button next to it. A read-only version of the contract will then populate in the middle of the screen highlighting the differences between the two versions.

How does the document commenting facility work?

Any user is free to comment on a document using the commenting bar underneath each section (these can be expanded or collapsed as appropriate). Commenting does not affect the text of the document itself.

How does e-signing work within LawBite?

LawBite has partnered with Adobe Echosign to offer a powerful E-signing solution. E-Signing is available on all LawBite templates and user uploaded documents for subscribers to all LawBite Pricing Plans.


The process for e-signing a document is slightly different depending on which of the 3 possible document sources you are working from…


1) E-Signing a LawBite Document Template or an ‘instance’ of an Uploaded document [Both activated from within the document editing page]


  • Only document owners can initiate the E-Signing process.
  • Before you start, you will need to add all signees using the ‘+’ sign under the ‘Edit Mode & Share’ menu.
  • If you don’t want a signee to be invited to view the document within LawBite, select ‘Add as signee only’ when you add them.
  • You do not need to fill every position in order to activate the e-signing process.
  • Once sent to E-sign, the signees will be emailed a link to sign the document in sequence until all people have signed.
  • At that point, the signed document will be emailed to all signees as a PDF.
  • To view progress once your document has been submitted, click on the ‘E-Sign update’ button.
  • The signed document can also be downloaded from the ‘E-Sign update’ window upon completion of the process.


2) E-signing a Master Template or Uploaded Document (your own Word/PDF doc) You can e-sign all uploaded Word and PDF documents from the Master Template/Uploaded Document page by clicking the ‘Send to e-sign’ button in the right side menu. For more information on how to upload a document for e-signing, please see “How do I upload a contract for editing and e-signing?”.


You can then e-sign your document by following these steps:


  • Please add the email addresses of all signees into the e-signing box, making sure to not include any spaces before or after the email address.
  • If you want to add or delete signees then use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons as required.
  • Once sent to E-sign, the signees will be emailed a link to sign the document in sequence until all people have signed.
  • At that point, the signed document will be emailed to all signees as a PDF.
  • To view progress once your document has been submitted, click on the ‘E-Sign update’ button from within this page (you will need to refresh the page to see this).
  • The signed document can also be downloaded from the ‘E-Sign update’ window upon completion of the process.


Important note For uploaded documents and instances of uploaded documents, currently all signatures have to be positioned at the bottom of the document. For LawBite templates we are able to set the e-sign fields within the document itself.

How do I upload a contract for editing and e-signing?

If you already have a ‘live’ enquiry on our system and you wish to upload a document in relation to that matter (be it supporting documentation or a document you would like our lawyers to review for you) then you can upload this by navigating to the file either from the Dashboard or My Legal Advice page and then using the ‘Choose file’ option in the ‘Reply to Message’ box.


If you would like to upload a document for checking and you do not currently have a ‘live’ enquiry relating to this matter, please create a new enquiry using the blue form on our Contract Checking page.


If you would like to upload a document for editing and collaboration within the LawBite platform and/or e-signing then you can use the button on the Dashboard and in the logged in navigation menu. This service is only available to users with a live subscription. You can upload Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF documents, although the editing and collaboration tools are currently only available for Word Documents. PDFs can still be e-signed and submitted for review from the Master Template/Uploaded Document page.


Clicking this button allows you to complete a form and upload your document. This creates a ‘Master uploaded document’ in our system and you will then find the options to create and edit an ‘instance’ of that document (Word documents only) or submit it for e-signing on the right side of the Master Template/Uploaded Document page.


For more information on creating instances of a master template please see “How do I create multiple contract versions (Instances) from a master template”.


For more information on how e-signing works within LawBite please see “How does e-signing work within LawBite?”

How do I create multiple contract versions (Instances) from a Master Template?

So you’ve created your contract and had it checked over by one of the LawBriefs – how do you take that template and roll it out for multiple clients, partners or suppliers? Well, we’ve developed a rather clever solution that allows you to do just that all within the LawBite platform…


Simply click on ‘Save as Master Template’ within the document editing page (this can be found under the ‘Save, Download and Print’ menu to the right of the document). Your Master Template will be saved in your My Documents area (bright red icon) for easy access.


When you wish to work on this, click on ‘Use Template’ when hovering over the icon and you will be redirected to the Master Uploaded document page which outlines all the options available to you for working on that document within the LawBite platform. Here you can:


1. Create a new version (instance) of this document and have the opportunity to edit and collaborate on that document using the LawBite editing tools (this option is currently only available for Word document uploads). If you want to create multiple instances from the same Master Template (e.g. for different clients/suppliers) then simply go back to the Master Uploaded document page and create another instance giving it a different title).


2. Submit the contract for review/checking by one of the specialist lawyers and barristers accessed through our Platform (LawBriefs).


3. E-sign that document with up to 6 contract partners.


4. Download the document to work with it offline.


All Master templates are displayed in the My Documents area in bright red and instances in dark red so you can easily distinguish between them.

Can I create Master Templates and Instances from my own Contracts?

Yes! If you are a LawBite subscriber, you can take advantage of our editing, sharing and e-signing tools and create a Master Template from one of your own documents by uploading it to the site using our Upload a Document form [located on the Dashboard and in the logged in menu].


Once you upload your document, you will be redirected straight to the Master Template/Uploaded Document page from where you can follow the same steps as outlined in the “How do I create multiple contract versions (Instances) from a Master Template?” article. You can also access this page at any time from your My Documents or Dashboard area by clicking on ‘New Version/ Edit’.


All Master templates are displayed in the My Documents area in bright red and instances in dark red so you can easily distinguish between them.