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Ease of access

Everyone is entitled to easy access to the law


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We restore trust in the law


Everyone has the right to understand the legal documents they sign


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Why LawBite exists

LawBite was founded in 2011 by Clive Rich, barrister, mediator, arbitrator and professional negotiator. Clive recognised a need for SMEs to have greater access to affordable, understandable legal services.

Without affordable, understandable access businesses are often put off taking the prudent steps that will protect them and their assets in the future. This means that frequently avoidable legal mistakes are made which end up costing SMEs dearly later on.

LawBite’s recent You Gov research indicated that the UK’s SMEs collectively lose over £13 billion a year as a result of failing to take care of their legal business properly. These failures range from not taking care of trading contracts, intellectual property, terms and conditions and shareholder contracts, through to regulatory issues, staffing problems, and disputes.

If SMEs are to be the engine-room of UK PLC, then access to the law needs to be democratised, so that it is not just available to the large corporations paying inflated fees.

LawBite’s technology and ethos puts the law within easy reach of all SMEs, delivering accessible, expert legal documents and advice at a price they can afford.

""LawBite is challenging the whole legal profession by providing simple, accessible legal advice.""

Matt Hancock, MP