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Brexit countdown

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How will Brexit impact your business?

  • Feeling anxious about the outcome of Brexit for your business?
  • Unsure on how to trade with the EU after Brexit and need more certainty?
  • Want to ensure that you will be compliant with any new laws, rules, processes and regulations?
  • Need to know what steps to take to minimise your risks and continue to grow your business?


We can help!

Our expert Brexit lawyers can:

  • Conduct a legal health check for you, showing you any risks and vulnerabilities you have post-Brexit
  • Give you specific legal advice to navigate the minefield of law, rules and regulations which are likely to apply post-Brexit
  • Draft and review contracts with post-Brexit compliance in mind
  • Help you save money and time by taking the strain out of adjusting your business for Brexit
We provide quick, affordable and easy to understand legal advice. We offer a free no-obligation 15min legal phone consultation with our expert Brexit solicitors.

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Unsure what Brexit means for your business and what to do about it?

Find answers to the most common questions about Britain’s departure from the European Union:



Trade and the UK economy

Contracts, NDAs and GDPR

Business regulation

Please contact us if your question is not covered or if you require further information.

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Brexit Checklist

There are a few things you can do now to prepare your business for the UK's departure from the EU

Read our checklist to find out

Why use LawBite?

We're Brexit experts - regulated and experienced UK Lawyers

Fully regulated, qualified & insured lawyers give you the widest range of expertise and experience tailored to your needs.

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